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Wedding DJ Package – DJs serving the kent area.

First of all we would like to congratulate you with your engagement and thank you for visiting our website. Wedding entertainment is a really important part of your Big Day which you want to finish on a high note with everyone up and dancing. Platinum DJs offer three different Wedding DJ Packages in London and Kent. We offer the Wedding DJ package suited for medium to higher budgets. Our DJs and entertainers are all professionals with years of experience and get their enjoyment and satisfaction out of entertaining you and your guests. With more than 25 years of providing Wedding DJ services, we have the expertise to find the right DJ for your Big Day.

For Booking a Wedding DJ it is important to find a DJ that will live up to your expectations. You want your guests to dance, smoothly mixed music and the perfect entertainer to wow your party. Our Wedding DJ packages contain all these ingredients.Finish your Wedding day in style - book Wedding DJ Kent

We provide professional, reliable and very experienced Wedding DJs for any type of Wedding. All our DJs are professionally trained with our in house Wedding DJ course. Not only have all our DJs completed the DJ course, they also have years of experience in working at various Weddings, Clubs and other Events. We have performed at over 1000 Weddings.

We offer three Wedding DJ packages. The Silver, Gold and Platinum Package.  All these come with a DJ, PA and microphone. The packages are all fully customisable with our various upgrades.

The Silver Package

For a customer on a more limited budget we offer a Silver Package. A good, standard package with (slightly less) experienced DJs who have gathered less reviews. Sound and Lighting equipment are of good standard for offering a professional, quality performance.

Some of examples of our Silver Package DJ’s are:

  1. Rob
  2. Simon
  3. Henri 

The Gold Package

Most couples opt for our Gold Wedding Package which includes a very experienced, professional DJ with a proven track record. They are experts in reading the crowds and guaranteed to generate a brilliant atmosphere for all ages to enjoy. Our DJs may be experts in certain genres but they cover all music genres and are happy to play them for you. This package includes a good sound system and comes with nice lighting to cover the dance floor.

The DJs for our Gold Package are:

(please click on the DJ’s name to read more)

  1. Wayne Smooth
  2. Lawrence
  3. Murdoch
  4. Darrell 
  5. Matthew
  6. Steve

 The Platinum Package with DJ Jason Dupuy

If your budget allows the wedding package with our Top DJ Jason Dupuy and a simply stunning equipment package would be highly recommended. He DJ’s at clubs worldwide, festivals, national radio, television, prestigious corporate events and celebrity weddings. Jason is friendly and works tirelessly to try to make your Wedding as special as possible. Highly experienced Club, Wedding and Event DJ with 240 reviews.

For more information and to read Jason’s reviews, please click here.

Jason equipment is a dramatic difference to the gold package featuring the very finest Sound System. He uses 2x GSC 1000 Watt 3 way 15 inch speakers and 2x QSC 1000 Watt 18 inch Subs (which can be upgraded to 4).

Also included is the best LED star cloth DJ Booth available on the market, together with lighting gantry featuring Lasers, Club Scanners and top of the range projection lighting. Radio Mic, 2x Pioneer CDJ 1000s and Mixing Desk are also included.

Special Wedding DJ Package with DJ, Drums & Sax


We have put together an unique and spectacular DJ Live Show. We perform with DJ, Drums, Sax and Electric Harmonic Violin.


If you are looking for something really special at your Wedding this will be the perfect, mind blowing performance. Create an electric atmosphere on the dance floor and give yourself and your guests an evening to never forget.


We also provide DJs and Discos in the London area, Essex and Surrey. If you would like to know more about Wedding DJs in London please visit Wedding DJ London and our main website platinum DJs. To get in touch with our friendly booking team call 01322 412494 or send an email to